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The Renaissance Group provides advice and guidance to business owners who are ready to build a great business and live a great life.   Our high-performance coaching and consulting will help you solve your most pressing problems, develop the mindset, strategies and skills you need to achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

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Our Story


Our founders, Kevin and Jody Poland, escaped corporate America in pursuit of the opportunities and autonomy that comes with entrepreneurship.  This dynamic husband and wife duo knew they wanted more than long commutes and 60 hour work weeks.   They wanted the freedom to work on their own terms and chart their own destiny.  

With years of strong corporate experience across several industries, strong business skill sets and knowledge about what makes organizations successful, business consulting was a natural fit for the couple.  But, where would they focus?  After listening to a presentation by author, Michael Gerber.  They immediately knew that they could make the biggest impact helping small business owners navigate the inevitable challenges of growth.  

Jody and Kevin chose The Renaissance Group as their company name because it symbolized rebirth and transformation. Their inspiration was the Renaissance period of history that propelled the then-known world out of the Middle Ages and into a new day.

While the spirit of the Renaissance period took many forms, it was expressed in a revitalization of culture and commerce.  Today, an exciting new small business renaissance is well underway.  In no other time has technology made it easier for owners and entrepreneurs to design, build and grow on such an efficient and far reaching scale.  A transformation where owning a business goes can extend beyond merely making a living.  Business owners today want a business that generates both the income and freedom to live a great life.  

The Renaissance Group provides advice in this area where business and life intersect–to teach business owners how to define and achieve what they want most from their business.  Whether we have the opportunity to work together or not, whether you are just starting out or you a seasoned business owner, we hope that you feel inspired in this space and that we have the opportunity to connect in some manner. Here’s to

living the entrepreneurial dream!



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The Renaissance Group is a high-performance coaching and consulting firm based in Tampa, FL USA.  We help entrepreneurs and business owners create a better future.


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