unleash YOUR Potential with Coaching

We help entrepreneurs and their teams clarify their vision, improve their leadership, and implement their business operating sytem so they can win at business and life.

Business Coaching

Moving your business past its current level of success without the proper plan, tools and guidance can be difficult.  Our consultative coaching process creates the step-by-step road map for positive change and impactful results.

You’ll work privately with one of our certified Business Growth Strategists or in a group with like-minded individuals.  You will design, build and grow your entrepreneurial dream business.

Leadership (Executive) Coaching

You already know that your greatest constraint to growth is people.  Your ability to develop and bringout the best in your people can be your greatest competitive advantage.

We can help you become the leader your people need you to be.  Develop the mindset and skills required to be a more effective leader.  Elminate drama and people problems in your organzation.  

Entrepreneurial RoundTables

Just because you’re in business for yourself, doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely at the top!  Everyone looks to you for leadership, so where do you turn for support, input and advice?

Come together with outer business owners in a monthly forum to share experiences, knowledge, and successes.  Most important, you’ll break through the barriers holding you back in business and in life.

Strategic Planning

There are multiple routes you can take to reach your destination.  Strategic Planning is the process of choosing the right path and focusing on your best opportunities.  Our Growth by DesignTM  Strategic Planning System exponentially increases the odds of sustained success by providing a framework for effective execution.

Clearly defined direction and effective actions in alignment with your business vision and model will propel your business to new heights. Our strategic planning service can be delivered on-site or via web conference.


“I truly recommend The Renaissance Group to any business owner who is looking to improve processes, sales, marketing, overall company organization and more.”

I’ve been a long-time client of The Renaissance Group, growing two successful companies as a result of working with them.   They have provided me with the tools and resources to make strategic moves and strengthen my firm.  It is a pleasure doing business with them. Jennifer Vickery

President & CEO, National Strategies Public Relations